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Ka'oir Slimming Tea Review


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What is KA’OIR Slimming Tea?


KA’OIR Slimming Tea is a tea drink that is specifically designed for weight loss and detox. According to the manufacturer that the KA’OIR slimming tea is a blend of powerful natural ingredients that will help you lose weight and help you to have a slim body. Each pack is composed of 14 bags which weigh approximately 78.4 grams of slimming tea that should be taken daily. The tea is free from any caffeine, gluten and GMO. The taste of the tea is minty and clean with a pleasant smell. KA’OIR Slimming Tea is also an appetite suppressant and it will also give you energy at the same time to make you lose weight faster.


Who Manufacture KA’OIR Slimming Tea


Ka’oir Fitness is the company that manufacture KA’OIR Slimming Tea. Ka’oir Fitness is owned by Keyshia Ka’oir Davis the wife of rapper Gucci Mane. She decided to pursue the weight loss business due to her own struggle in maintaining her weight which go up and down from 130 to 155lbs then back again. Since then she began experimenting and trying out different products that would help her slim down and manage her weight through trial and error. On 2013 she launched her new company KA'OIR Fitness with her first fitness product Ka’oir Waist Eraser which is waist belt trimmer that is designed to burn fat located in your belly and back, it also sheds excess water and shrinks waist size. It is for both men and women and can also act as a back support for men and women lifting weights, exercising, or any activities that requires lifting heavy objects. Due to the success of her product, she followed it up with Body Sweat or “Body Eraser”, Thigh Erasers, Body Burner Slimming Cream, and then the Slimming Tea. After that she launched another product called, Weight Loss Meal Plan which is a 14-day healthy diet meal plan.

Ka’oir Fitness is located at 4581 Weston Rd# 109 Weston, FL 33331. Their BBB rating is "F". Website


You can contact them through their contact form or email

The company doesn't issue refunds, exchanges or credits for any reason and they do not accept returns due to the intimate nature of their products.


Ingredients of KA’OIR Slimming Tea

Ka'oir Slimming Tea Review ingredients, warnings and contraindication

Ingredients: Lotus leaf, root of Kudzu vine, Peppermint, and Fennel.


Lotus leaf - according to WebMD, lotus leaf are found growing in watery places like lakes and rivers. They are used for cough, fever, bleeding, stomach and liver problems. It also said that it contains natural chemicals that can decrease swelling, manage blood sugar, and help the breakdown of fat.

Root of Kudzu vine - Kudzu vine is native to Asia and it looks like poison ivy. Kudzu root is edible and can be use as a thickening agent, a herbal supplement, or a tea. According to rxlist, kudzu root might improve exercise performance in some people. In a research, the patients took 300 mg kudzu extract by mouth daily for 12 weeks and the results was a reduction of body fat and body mass index (BMI) in people who are obese. It also shows that taking 200 mg of the same product did not have the same effect.

Peppermint - this aromatic plant is from the mint family. Peppermint is good for soothing upset stomach, treating IBS symptoms, relieving headaches, eliminating germs in the mouth, ease stuffy nose, boost energy, ease menstrual cramps, and curb appetite. (source)

Fennel - it is a plant that helps in maintaining overall health of the heart, it can reduce inflammation, and it can also suppress appetite. (source)


Only for adults, get one tea bag and dip it in a cup of boiling water for five minutes. Then enjoy.


This tea is not for pregnant or breast feeding moms. Do not use laxative products when abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, spasm, or passages of liquid stools are present unless directed by your health professional. If you have noticed a sudden change in bowel habits that persists over a period of 2 weeks, consult your doctor before using a laxative.


Do not use if you have ileus, intestinal obstruction, intestinal stenosis, atonic bowel, acute intestinal inflammation (like Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis), appendicitis, abdominal pain of unknown origin, severe dehydration states with water and electrolyte depletion. Do not use if you have known allergies to plants of Apiaceae (parsley) family, such as fennel.


Alternative to KA’OIR Slimming Tea

1. Hyleys Slim Tea ($10 - as of posting)

2. SkinnyBoost 28 Day Detox Tea ($29.95 - as of posting)

3. Uncle Lees Dieters Detox Tea ($10.97 - as of posting)

4. 21st Century Slimming Tea ($3.99 - as of posting)

5. All Day Slimming Tea



Ronda 3stars ⭐⭐⭐

"Fennel effects everyone differently - Read the ingredients before using. Fennel can have adverse side effects like difficulty breathing, cramps, nausea and vomiting. The lotus leaf and root of kudzu vine are the main ingredients that provide multiple health benefits. It may be worth trying to find either of those ingredients as a tea if your body doesn't tolerate fennel. Overall great product."

Denea Shaw 3stars ⭐⭐⭐

" Soul flusher - This tea will have your stomach doing flips. It made me cramped really bad to the point I got very nauseous; However, it will flush out your soul."

O'Derricka Perkins 5stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I love this tea!!! - This tea is the truth honey. Follow the instructions exactly how it is and drink nothing but water and you won’t have the cramps! I also did 100 squats a day as my exercise."

Customer 2stars ⭐⭐

"It didn’t work for me - I heard the same hype, ‘be close to a bathroom”. I had 1 bowel movement per day. There was know urgency. I know a product doesn’t work the same on everybody but at that price I’m looking for something more. I’m very disappointed."

Where to buy KA’OIR Slimming Tea?

You can buy it on Amazon



KA’OIR Slimming Tea can be an effective way to lose weight as long as you also exercise, eat healthy and manage your diet properly. The ingredients included in this tea (Lotus leaf, root of Kudzu vine, Peppermint, and Fennel) have studies that shows that it can help in your weight loss journey. The reviews are mixed some are bad and some are good. What concerning is the cost at $69 there are a lot of slimming tea option that are a lot cheaper than this one.  However if it is effective on you then it’s good. 




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