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Slimming Herb herbal infusion from German Herb (Thai) Co

German Herb Sliming Tea teacup

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Slim and Trim with German Slimming Herb Tea: A Refreshing Path to Weight Loss! - a German Herb Sliming Tea Review

Hey there, tea enthusiasts and fitness fanatics! Today, we're diving into the world of German Slimming Herb Tea, the magical elixir that promises weight loss without the need to change your diet. Now, I know what you're thinking: Can a simple cup of tea really do that? Well, let's put on our detective hats and find out together!

German Herb Sliming Tea is a tea that comes from herbs and flowers extracts and this tea is one of the most popular natural solution to shed those unwanted weight. It can be consumed by adult male and female, and it is perfect for people who want to lose weight naturally.

-          It is a natural laxative and provides constipation relief
-          Prevents accumulation of fat.
-          Prevents the loss of minerals in the body.
-          Boost metabolism

Description: Slimming Herbal Tea from German Herb (Thai) Co is an effective and natural way to help you lose weight. It has a laxative effect that provides constipation relief and it leads to a noticeable weight loss in a few days as long as you combined it with a healthy eating diet and regular exercise.

Slimming Herb tea is good for overweight person who wants to lose unwanted weight the natural way. It uses a modern European formula prepared from traditional Asian ingredients in accordance with the latest in scientific research.

Benefits includes:

  • Loosen the bowels by providing constipation relief and promotes regular vowel movements.
  • Prevents accumulation of fat.
  • Curves appetite
  •  No side effects or unwanted stomach stimulation.
  • Prevents the loss of minerals in the body.

How Did German Herb Sliming Tea Start?

First things first, let's get to know the origins of this slimming sensation. The German Herb Sliming Tea is a product from German Herb (Thai) & Co., hailing all the way from Thailand. This tea is designed to be the key to substantial weight loss using a modern European formula infused with traditional Asian herbal ingredients that have undergone rigorous scientific testing.

For those eager to get in touch with the folks behind this tea, you can reach out to German Herb (Thai) Co Ltd at their address:

German Herb Sliming Tea is a German Herb (Thai) & Co Manufacturer

This tea is a product of Thailand, manufactured by German Herb (Thai) Co Ltd.

Address: 78 Chaloemkhet 3 Rd. Khwang Wat Thep Sirin, Khet Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100

Telephone: 0-2224-9341

Fax: 0-2224-6134

Business Hours: Monday-Friday time 08:30-17:00, Saturday time 08:30-17:00 Thailand time (GMT+7)

The Claims of German Herb Sliming Tea

So, what exactly does German Herb Sliming Tea promise? Well, according to their claims, this beverage is brimming with all-natural ingredients and is entirely safe for both men and women. They assure us that extensive research and clinical tests have been conducted to guarantee its effectiveness and safety. The best part? Fast and noticeable results!

The company boldly declares that their customers will achieve their desired weight goals and flaunt a lean, well-toned body. Moreover, they suggest that using this tea can help you avoid extreme dieting and exhausting workout regimes. Sounds intriguing, doesn't it?

Unveiling the Ingredients of German Herb Sliming Tea

Now comes the exciting part—let's examine what's inside the magic brew! The ingredients responsible for flushing out those toxins and revving up your metabolism are as follows:

Ingredients (100% natural):

  • Large flowers 65%
  • Hawthorne 8%
  • Chamomile 4%
  • Radish 3%
  • Camelia 3%
  • Beans 3%
  • Morning-glory 4%

German Herb Sliming Tea front box

1. Large Flower (65%)
This one's a bit mysterious, but fear not, it's not just any large flower. It's an essential component in the herbal tea mix, contributing to its unique flavor and potentially bringing other health benefits.

2. Hawthorne (8%)
Hawthorn takes the stage as one of the key players in this herbal symphony. Not only can it help reduce anxiety levels, but it also offers significant improvements in heart health. However, remember to consult your doctor before indulging in this herb, as it can interact with certain prescriptions.

3. Chamomile (4%)

Ah, chamomile, the calming and soothing herb we've all come to know and love. Apart from promoting relaxation and aiding sleep, it's also an immune booster. But keep an eye out for any allergic reactions, especially if you're on other medications.

4. Radish (3%)

Radish leaf may not be your go-to ingredient for a weight-loss brew, but it plays a vital role in cleansing the digestive tract. Acting as a diuretic and mild laxative, it helps promote regular bowel movements. Just be mindful of staying hydrated, as frequent urination can lead to dehydration.

5. Carmelia (3%)
Not to be confused with a certain fictional character, carmelia is another supporting actor in this herbal saga. While its precise benefits may not be as well-known, it's a contributing factor to the tea's overall efficacy.

6. Steering Bean (3%)

The slimming secret lies within the steering bean! This little powerhouse works wonders as an appetite suppressant, keeping those pesky cravings at bay. Additionally, it helps the body absorb starch and simple sugars, which is a bonus for those watching their carb intake.

7. Morning Glory (4%)

Last but not least, morning glory makes its appearance in the herbal tea lineup. Though it doesn't grant you a glorious morning (you'll need coffee for that), it certainly adds a touch of charm to the blend.

How to Use German Herb Sliming Tea (Direction)

Use the temperature of tap water or use warm water (do not use boiling or hot water), simply pour the warm water over the teabag and let it steep for about 30 minutes and it will turn brown. Hot water will not give you same results, it takes time for it to seep out. Hot water destroys the mixture and will not work. Then sip the clear tea slowly. You can take one cup two times daily, to be taken one in the morning and before sleeping.


 German Herb Sliming Tea side box

Ingredient Analysis of German Herb Sliming Tea

Now that we've met all the characters in this slimming tea ensemble, let's take a closer look at their roles. Hawthorn's heart-healthy abilities are commendable, but it's crucial to check in with your doctor before embracing it due to potential interactions with medications. Chamomile's calming effects and immune-boosting properties make it a crowd favorite, but again, watch out for any allergies if you're on other meds.

Steering beans prove to be the unsung hero in appetite suppression, making it a welcome addition to the mix. Radish leaf, acting as a mild laxative, keeps things moving along in the digestive tract—just remember to stay hydrated. With all these ingredients combined, it's no wonder this tea claims to promote weight loss.

Research Behind German Herb Sliming Tea

Now that we've gathered all the information about German Herb Sliming Tea, it's time for the big reveal. Does this tea live up to its claims? Is it the slimming solution we've all been waiting for?

Our research team got to work, digging deeper and questioning the effects and ingredients of this herbal tea. What did they find?  
Although the research is in its early stages, some studies indicate that herbal and flower teas contain special enzymes known as ternatins that can potentially impede the growth of fat cells. These ternatins are found in flowers like Butterfly Pea and function by regulating pathways related to cell progression. By promoting healthy cell progression, these enzymes might be able to decelerate the growth of fat cells in our bodies. This slower fat cell growth can lead to fat loss and weight reduction, ultimately resulting in a slimmer figure, all thanks to the influence of these beneficial enzymes.

In this study, Chinese hawthorne showed some promising effects on reducing fat-related genes, preventing the buildup of fats, and promoting fat breakdown. It also appeared to help control weight gain and lower lipid levels in the blood. These effects were attributed to its activation of a specific receptor called PPARa and its ability to inhibit fat accumulation in the body. However, more research is needed to pinpoint the specific components responsible for these beneficial effects.

Where Can You Buy German Herb Sliming Tea?

Now, I know you're itching to try this tea out, but where can you get your hands on it? Unfortunately, there's no official website for Sliming Tea, but don't worry; it's available through various online retailers. Check out Etsy, iHerb, eBay, Ali Express, or Konga to find your weight-loss wonder.

The safest and cheapest way to buy it is from Amazon. You can buy it HERE ON AMAZON

buy it on amazon

What's the Price of German Herb Sliming Tea?

Budget-conscious tea lovers, you'll be pleased to know that this slimming tea won't break the bank. At Amazon, you can snag one box containing 50 teabags for just $12.99. Affordable and slimming? Count us in!


Customer Feedback

The customer reviews for German Herb Sliming Tea is positive here are some of the reviews from Amazon:

From: Hausfrau

Good ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I only have used it for 2 day's and so far it seems to work.”

Reviewed in the United States on February 26, 2022

From: Diane

It really works ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“It really cleans out your system.”

Reviewed in the United States on February 21, 2022

From: Barbarish

Great buy. Works okay for the first week. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Needs instructions to be in English on the product for clarifications. ”

Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2022


From: Chrisshawn Smith

This product works. They listened to the customer as well. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“This product works great. Take first thing in the morning, if you work from home or close to a bathroom. It will begin to work about 2hours after you drink it. I find that when I take it in the eve about 9pm, it kickes in in the early morning.”

Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2022



Overall the German Herb Sliming Tea is a fairly good product, yes it does extra fluids in your body, and it is also very effective if you have constipation. I have tried it several times especially if I’m constipated. When I have first tried it I lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks I know it’s not much but still 8 pounds is 8 pounds. However, most of it must be fluids. What I did was drink two cups before meal time which curves my appetite. I think that is how you will know that it is working if it makes you lose your appetite. If not maybe it’s not for you and choose another product. Also this is not a magic sliming tea that will get rid of your extra weight, you need to eat less and exercise or more physical activity. 

Remember, tea lovers, while we enjoy exploring the world of herbal teas, it's always essential to consult your healthcare provider before making significant changes to your diet or trying out new supplements.



German Slimming HerbTea (50 tea Bags)☕ Features • Slimming Herb Tea • Good for overweight person • No side effects

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Is German Slimming Herb Tea safe for both men and women?
A: Yes, German Slimming Herb Tea is designed to be safe for both men and women. The company claims that it is made from all-natural ingredients and has undergone extensive research and clinical tests to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

Does German Slimming Herb Tea really help with weight loss?
A: The company claims that German Slimming Herb Tea can lead to noticeable weight reduction within a few days due to its potent laxative effects. However, individual results may vary, and it's essential to remember that healthy weight loss also involves maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Are there any side effects or stomach issues associated with the tea?
A: According to the company, German Slimming Herb Tea does not cause any side effects or unwanted stomach stimulation. However, as with any herbal supplement, some individuals may experience mild digestive discomfort. It's always a good idea to start with a small amount and monitor your body's response.

Can German Slimming Herb Tea be consumed with boiling water?
A: No, it is advised not to use boiling or hot water with German Slimming Herb Tea. Instead, simply pour cold water over a tea bag and let it steep for about 30 minutes. This ensures that the beneficial properties of the herbs are preserved.

What are the main ingredients in German Slimming Herb Tea?
A: The key ingredients in German Slimming Herb Tea include Large Flower (65%), Hawthorne (8%), Chamomile (4%), Radish (3%), Carmelia (3%), Steering Bean (3%), and Morning Glory (4%). Each of these ingredients plays a specific role in promoting weight loss and digestive health.

Where can I purchase German Slimming Herb Tea?
A: While there is no official website for the tea, it can be found on various online retailers such as Etsy, iHerb, eBay, Ali Express, and Konga. The price is relatively affordable, a box containing 50 teabags for just $12.99, making it a cost-effective option for those interested in trying it out.

buy it on amazon



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